Buzios on the route of cruises in Brazil

The regular season of cruises in Brazil offers a range of ports for cruise passengers . There are 19 choices of cities to dock , from the South to the Northeast of the country , and include both places tourism as enshrined in Rio de Janeiro , Salvador , Santos , Ilha Grande , Ilha Bella , Ilheus , Itajai , Maceiro , Porto Belo , Fortaleza , among others . Cruises reach up to breaking point , as the paradise Cabedelo or restricted Fernando de Noronha .

Among the 19 destinations , Armacao dos Buzios , or just Buzios . This is one of the places most frequented by cruisers in Brazil . No wonder , the city of Rio de Janeiro coast is full of natural beauty , with lovely beaches such as Horseshoe and Ferradurinha . It is also an inviting place for those who like to shake , with many options for clubbers site. A visit to Buzios can help explain what made the film actress and diva Brigitte Bardot be enchanted with both the city.

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